Churdhar Sanctuary

Churdhar Sanctuary nestled in the beautiful Solan Valley is a dream destination for wildlife buffs. Nestled amidst the snowy peaks and green valleys, the dense Alpine forests of Churdhar Sanctuary are quite beautiful. Situated at a height of 3647 m covering an area of 5616 hectares, the Churdhar Sanctuary gets its name from the Churu Peak of the Himalayas. Declared as a sanctuary, the Churdhar is one of the most recent sanctuaries in India. Walk amidst the dense woodlands and explore the rich variety of flora and fauna in the Churdhar Sanctuary.

In Churdhar Sanctuary you can get a glimpse of the colorful Monals, Barking Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Musk Deer, Leopards, Common Langur and Leopards. For all you adventure freaks out there, Churdhar Sanctuary offers you trekking options even. So take a tour amidst the forests of Churdhar Sanctuary as you explore the Himalayan Wildlife. One of the newest sanctuaries, Churdhar Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh is still an unexplored and a lesser known destination. So if you are planning a vacation to a unique destination nestled amidst the hills then this is the perfect place.

Churdhar peak, with height of 3,647m, is the highest peak in outer Himalayas. It is like an Oasis of Alpine area in an ocean of temperate forests. The view from Churdhar peak is un-paralled. The sanctuary got its name from the Chur Peak, on the top of which sits a majestic status of Lord Shiva. One is sure to come across a large number of multi-coloured and agile Monals in the adjoining forests.The total covered area of this sanctuary is 5616 hectares and this is notified on 15th November 1985. This is one of the newest sanctuaries of the State. Now at the point of local extinction, Churdhar still contains good habitat for Monals and other pheasants. Other fauna includes Himalayan Black Bear, Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Common Langur and Leopards but Musk Deer has been severely depleted by hunting.

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